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Title: PULP GUIDE: Finding legal information in South Africa 2010
Editor: Shirley Ann Gilmore
ISBN: 978-0-9814420-5-1
Pages: 103
Cover: Soft
Date: 2010

About the publication:

This PULP Guide is aimed at assisting researchers - academics, students, practitioners and others - who are based in South Africa and who have an interest in South African law - to access the sources of the law. It explains in clear terms how to use printed as well as electronic material on the South African common law, legislation and law reports.

In addition, the use of secondary sources such as encyclopediae, books and law journals, and also some of the sources on international and comparative law, is explained.

This Guide complements the popular earlier PULP Guide on where to publish articles on the law (second edition 2009). This and all other PULP publications are available on:

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