Ars Docendi et Scribendi: Essays in honour of Johan Scott
Edited by the Faculty of Law, University of Pretoria
ISBN: 978-1-920538-76-7
Pages: 243
Print version: Available
Electronic version: Free PDF available

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About the publication

"Festschrift" - a collection of articles by the colleagues, former students, etc. of a noted scholar, published in his or her honour.

During his travels abroad Johan Scott built up a wide network of international scholars who over time became a valued circle of friends, many of whom spent enriching moments in his company and who contributed to this Festschrift. Contributors were requested to write in their home language, and furthermore to submit their contributions for publication in other journals worldwide, specifically accrediting this Festschrift in order to expand access worldwide to the wonderful contributions written in honour of our colleague.

Great scholars like Johan never retire. They might go fishing more than they could in the past, but his calling of being a true teacher will never fade. Scholars like Johan understand that the present and the future are inevitably linked to the past, and although education depends on talent and performance, it should always serve to build character and a vision for future generations.

Table of Contents



Publications of Johan Scott


  1. Sessie en subrogasie
    Susan Scott
  2. Revisiting the maxim imperitia culpae adnumeratur in context of medical negligence – can the maxim be extended to include the application of luxuria?
    Pieter Carstens
  3. The Omissions in Oppelt
    Duard Kleyn & Emile Zitzke
  4. Skeepshouer-geboue – roerend of onroerend?
    I Knobel
  5. Wrongfulness: derailed or on track?
    Johann Knobel
  6. Fremdsprachige Rechtsbegriffe und Auslegung von internationalen Verträgen
    Gabriele Koziol
  7. Die actio de deiectis vel effusis in Südafrika und Österreich
    Helmut Koziol, Wien/Graz
  8. Die regsrelevansie van owerspel: quo vadis?
    Johann Neethling & Johan Potgieter
    Die impak van die Nasionale Kredietwet op die
  9. Sakereg en Saaklike Sekerheid
    JM Otto
  10. How the European Court of Human Rights changed the life of surrogacy children
    Prof Dr Walter Pintens
  11. De Nederlandse Natuurschoonwet: voorbeeld voor Zuid-Afrika?
    Prof Sebastiaan Roes
  12. Borgstelling, saaklike sekerheidsregte én die verpligtinge van ’n medehoofskuldenaar – ’n werklik merkwaardige uitspraak
    JC Sonnekus
  13. The Hopeless Case of Climate Change: Can we still keep the floodgates shut?
    Jaap Spier & Daniël Witte
  14. Die Consumer Protection Act: Laaste spyker in voetstootsbedinge se doodskis?
    Philip N Stoop
  15. Protection of trust beneficiaries through the application of basic trust principles
    Anton van der Linde
  16. Taming the chimera: The treatment of “wrongfulness” in South African delict scholarship
    Daniel Visser
  17. Enkele aspekte rakende ’n retensiereg en ’n verhuurder se stilswyende hipoteek
    Dr M Wiese

Personal tributes

  • André Boraine
  • Christof Heyns
  • Aeenna Malan
  • Chris Pretorius
  • Neil van Schalkwyk
  • Caroline Van Schoubroeck


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