Beyond the law: Multi-disciplinary perspectives on human rights
Edited by Frans Viljoen assisted by Jehoshaphat Njau
ISBN: 978-1-920538-08-8
Pages: 307
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About the publication

The Centre for Human Rights, Faculty of Law, University of Pretoria, in June 2011 organised an international conference on Multi- and Inter-disciplinary Human Rights in Africa to provide an opportunity for academics, especially from African countries, to ponder and reflect on the benefits that other disciplines bring to the theory and practice of human rights. This collection brings together peer-reviewed and reworked papers presented at the conference.

Beyond the law: Multi-disciplinary perspectives on human rights is directed at an audience of scholars and practitioners who are engaged in the academic study and practical implementation of human rights. It aims to make a contribution, particularly from an African perspective, to the growing scholarly literature on the topic.

About the editors:

Frans Viljoen is Director at the Centre for Human Rights and Professor of International Human Rights Law, University of Pretoria.
Jehoshaphat Njau
is an academic associate, Centre for Human Rights.

Table of Contents

Acronyms and abbreviations

  • Disciplinary beyondness: A background to the conference and collection of papers
    Frans Viljoen

Part I: Human rights and the social sciences

  • 1. On the interactions between law and social science in the understanding and implementation of human rights
    Michael Freeman
  • 2. Political cultures in conflict: Analysing constitutional litigation in South Africa
    Richard Maiman
  • 3. Beyond juridical approaches: What role can the gender perspective play in interrogating the right to health in Africa?
    Ben Kiromba Twinomugisha
  • 4. Reasons for rights: A qualitative approach to rights use among HIV advocacy groups
    Kristi Kenyon
  • 5. How sociology enriches human rights: The case study of Malawi’s first openly-gay couple
    Joseph Mlenga
  • 6. Demystifying human rights: A socio-legal approach to the political framing of migrant workers’ rights in Africa
    Aishah Namukasa
  • 7. Theorising children’s rights as a multi- and inter-disciplinary field of study
    Rushiella Songca
    8. The right to education as a basis for human rights education: An interface between human rights and education
    Chongo Chitupila

Part II: Human rights, narratives and representation

  • 9. The role of personal narratives in Egypt’s 2011 Spring Revolution
    Rebecca Wright
  • 10. Policed perceptions, masked realities: Human rights and law enforcement in Kenyan popular art
    Humphrey Sipalla & Karest Lewela
  • 11. Justice ‘beyond’ the law in The secret in their eyes: Rights of victims and offenders in the post-sentencing phase
    Annette van der Merwe
  • 12. Narrative research seven human rights law: A case study of Rwanda
    Cori Wielenga

Part III: Human rights and medicine

  • 13. Steve Biko’s death: The role of the medicine, law and their organised professions
    Servaas H Rossouw & Nico Buidendag


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