Pretoria Student Law Review 2012 - 6
Editor in chief: Serena Kalbskopf
ISSN: 1998-0280
Pages: 98
Print version: Available
Electronic version: Free PDF available


About the publication

The sixth edition of the Pretoria Student Law Review truly signifies the journal’s commitment to servicing students. Our journal’s editorial policy was redrafted, introducing a faculty-supported Editorial Board, all in service of constructing a system that would best serve students who have a desire to write, notwithstanding our strong developmental emphasis.

Following the departure made in the previous edition, the 2012 journal includes the best written pieces submitted in conjunction with the University of Pretoria’s Law Faculty Festival. The ‘Write On’ encouraged students to submit pieces based on the theme of ‘What is Law’ and provided an avenue for many students who had never thought of legal writing outside of their prescribed curriculum. Beyond the University of Pretoria’s own faculty, this edition includes submissions from the National Law University Delhi and the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

Mention and thanks must be made to the various reviewers who have assisted the Editorial Committee. We have been fortunate to have reviewers from a variety of tertiary institutions including Stellenbosch and UNISA. Finally, thank you to Professor Brand for his constant assistance throughout the year. To the various committee members, special thanks to Michele for the design of the cover, Joel for his insight on the editorial process, Mark for his long term commitment to the journal, Kenneth for his great work and Petronell for all her patience. It is our hope that you are not only able to grasp greater insight into current legal developments, but also that our efforts represent our strong commitment and support to student writing.

Serena Kalbskopf
Editor-in-chief 2012

Editor in chief: Serena Kalbskopf

Editors: Laura Schlebusch, Michele Dempster, Mark Nichol, Joel Modiri, Kenneth Sithebe, Petronell Kruger

Table of Contents

  • Editors’ note
    Serena Kalbskopf
  • What is ‘academic legal writing’
    Danie Brand
  • Police misconduct and delictual liability: A discussion on developing vicarious liability jurisprudence through a focus on the K and F cases
    Kameel Premhid
  • Ubuntu in a post-apartheid South African context
    Cornelia van Graan
  • Voetstoots ter uitsluiting van aanspreeklikheid
    Johannes Jacobus van der Walt
  • Tug of war: Evaluative versus facilitative mediator
    Diksha Munjal
  • Voetstoots — Sale of immovable property, the law of legend?
    Jean-Ray Pearton
  • The ANC’s land reform policy: An unsustainable and unsatisfactory compromise
    Thorne A Godinho



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