Criminal justice and accountability in Africa: Regional and national developments
Edited by Rashida Manjoo, Dominique Mystris & Mashood Baderin
ISBN: 978-1-991213-18-1
Pages: 211
Print version: Available
Electronic version: Free PDF available

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About the publication

Historically Africa has suffered from numerous conflicts which are typically addressed through international criminal law mechanisms and courts, but the need for a broader approach is both evident and demanded. This book pulls together the debates originating from the conference “Criminal Justice and Accountability in Africa: National and Regional Developments” and highlights the different approaches and mechanisms used to date and what can be taken from them to advance justice and accountability across the African continent.

Table of Contents


 Chapter 1  
Pursuing criminal justice and accountability in Africa – regional and national developments
Dominique Mystris and Rashida Manjoo

 Chapter 2  
International criminal justice and accountability in Africa: Balancing between legal idealism and legal realism
Mashood A. Baderin

 Chapter 3  
Indigenous and tribal mechanisms of transitional justice – filling the gaps in formal justice systems?
Agnieszka Szpak

 Chapter 4  
Post colonialism and sovereignty v international justice: The case of Angola
Rui Verde

 Chapter 5  
Criminal jurisdiction in The African Court of Justice and
Human and People’s Rights: Can Africans hope for a brighter future in fighting impunity?
Lillian Mihayo Mongella and Theresa Akpoghome

 Chapter 6  
Understanding African justice mechanisms as part of the African peace and security architecture: Moving beyond an anti-ICC understanding
Dominique Mystris

 Chapter 7  
The positive implications of the Malabo Protocol and the African Court: The exercise of ‘judicial’ selfdetermination by African States and the possibility of the new complementary system with the ICC
Mitsue Inazumi

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